Post Sale

In the event that a total buyout of your items is desired, our staff will work to customize a solution for you. Removal of remaining items per client's wishes. We have access to resources that will remove any and all items of your choosing.

Elite Estate Sales specializes in coordinating private and public estate sales. To do this, we appraise, professionally research and market personal property to help people sell the contents of their home. We are very experienced in helping our clients obtain the highest value for the property, goods and jewelry that they wish to sell, even in these uncertain economic times.

During a consultation appointment, we will meet with you, go over the items to be sold, and determine how much preparation and staging will be required and how much staff will be necessary to properly prepare and conduct a first-class sale. We photograph the more important items, post them on our website and shortly before the sale send a detailed announcement to our exclusive email list. We will also match particularly high-end items with buyers known to us who specialize in such items.

Immediate Cash Buy-Outs

Recently we have had many people inquire about full estate buy-outs. The advantages of this option are; ~the immediacy of the sale~ bypassing the associated problems of crowds~ maintaining personal privacy~ A lot less troublesome for out-of-state clients handling estates for loved ones~ and, of-course, having hard, cold, cash-in-hand is a great feeling. Elite Estate Sales is one of the few estate liquidation companies to offer this option because we have the available resources at hand to offer for any size estate.

Charitable Donations

We make every attempt to sell all of the merchandise at a sale, and we also make sure you aren’t stuck with what is left over. If desired, we can arrange for a charitable donation when your sale is completed. If you choose this option, your property is emptied at the end of the sale so you don’t have to worry or work. Some companies simply pick-up and go at the end of the sale! Be sure that, if you desire an empty house, your estate sale company can and will arrange a pick-up at the end of the sale.